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overview of the intouch system

intouch is a real-time production monitoring, reporting and planning system. Connected directly to all of your machines, intouch enhances visibility and control in your manufacturing operation.

With intouch, the costs and errors of collecting production data manually are removed. Key production information such as scrap and downtime is constantly available in real time. This allows action to be taken to rectify problems as they happen. The automatic data collection will enable key personnel’s time to be used most efficiently.

Your factory utilisation will be significantly improved. The high factory visibility, viewed from any office PC, leads to much faster response to stoppages. This high visibility also motivates production staff to keep machines operational. Increases in utilisation of up to 30% have been reported within a few months of installing intouch.

intouch’s scheduling system makes planning and progress chasing less time consuming and more effective. The system is very easy to use requiring no specialised staff to get the best from the system. Better planning can reduce changeovers and thus reduce down time and waste.

The costs saved in data collection, combined with the savings in waste and improved utilisation typically recover your investment in less than one year. Our customers often report an investment recovery time of just a few months.

We offer a comprehensive installation and support service. This combined with the simple to operate system helps our customers achieve fast results.


gain insight

If one of your machines were to stop right now, you would want to know about it. If you know it has stopped, you can do something about it.


deliver intime

Let your people know what's going on. Tell them what's coming up as well as what has happened. That way they can plan rather than react.


be informed

Knowing what your productivity is, that's one thing. Understanding why is a vital step towards improving it. Reports can be configured for any selected period with many different key performance figures.


stay incontrol

intouch is all about providing access to information, the right information, wherever it is needed. It can be accessed through any computer on your network providing live remote visibility of production performance.


how it works

Following acceptance of our detailed proposal, we start work on the pre-installation and configuration of the system to your exact requirements. The installation itself combines remote and on-site work with relevant hardware and software integration. Once completed and fully tested, we start the training process. Our on-going support then continues for as long as needed.

what next?

For an informal discussion on how intouch can help you - get intouch! We look forward to hearing from you.

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