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“We have recently installed a Production Monitoring system called Intouch.  The system has been designed primarily for the Injection moulding industry, and provides production monitoring, scheduling and reporting facilities. Connected to each machine, intouch is able to monitor production in real time and deliver live, up to date information.

The current status of each machine can be seen at a glance. Key performance figures such as scrap rate, down time, efficiency, utilisation and set-up time are displayed on fully configurable mimic diagrams, details pages and summary pages through familiar Windows based software

The Gantt chart view provides a graphical visualisation of machine loading and capacity utilisation. Rescheduling is easily achieved through a simple drag and drop operation. Jobs on the Gantt chart can be highlighted for various reasons. For example, to identify tool changes, late jobs or resource clashes

All data collected by the monitoring system is recorded in the archive database. As well as being available to the intouch reporting module, the data can be interrogated through industry standard software such as Microsoft Excel or Access.  Analyses of the data will identify problem machines and tools. Accurate data quantifies problems enabling informed decisions to be made to streamline our production operation.

Operators can also interact with the system through easy to use keypads located at each machine on the shop floor, to book in scrap by fault and enter stoppage reasons. This data quantifies scrap problems highlighting concern areas. Trends can be detected early on so that corrective action can be taken.

We are looking forward to having things running even more smoothly at BSA with the combined introduction of ‘Intouch’ alongside a whole new Business Management Software which is soon to be introduced."

"intouch monitoring has proven to be the workhorse system that our facility needed for a dedicated approach to managing production and operational efficiency.

Tech Molded Plastics, Inc. is vested in technology that focuses its value on solving problems. Tech has investigated several production monitoring systems that attempted to blend moulding process monitoring with production monitoring and they did not function well enough in either category. intouch monitoring solved our challenge for managing production efficiency with the expertise of a dedicated production system. We’ve been very pleased with the results."

“We have worked with intouch for almost 15 years and they have demonstrated an innovative approach to continuously improving their product, this strategy always starts with listening to the customer and together we have been able to achieve so much more from the product than our original expectations.

In a manufacturing environment where customers expect more for less it is vital to continue to drive costs out of your processes and the in depth analysis provided by our Production Monitoring System is integral in this objective.”

"We introduced the intouch Production Monitoring system in 6 plants during 2014 and have been delighted with the information it has provided. Since introduction it has provided real time information on how our plants are performing in terms of Speed, Availability and Yield which has enhanced production recording and process improvement activities across our business.

In some sites, we have already seen up to a 20-30% increase in OEE which we wouldn't have been able to properly quantify without this system in place, the intouch Production Monitoring system has therefore been a major part to our success in 2014 and I’d certainly recommend it as a manufacturing tool."

"One of the things impressed me most was how you were able to incorporate some of our ideas into the system."

“The system has made an incredible difference to our productivity and overall efficiency. In fact since it was installed we have been able to go from a seven days a week operation to five days, yet still produce the same number of parts.” The system integrates with TP Moulding’s own database which is used for recording orders, planning, purchasing and stock control. Each time new information is inputted into the database the intouch system is automatically updated. “The system makes scheduling so much easier and eliminates the need for time consuming paperwork."

Dave White, TP Moulding, Telford

intouch monitoring installed a production monitoring system at injection moulding company LVS Small Plastic Parts. LVS Managing Director Simon Anderson commented, “More than anything else, the Intouch system has given us full visibility, both in terms of the activity of our staff and the real time status for each job.

In the case of the performance of our technical staff, we are seeing a better adherence to cycle time targets, reduced scrap levels and improved tool change times.

With regard to knowing where we stand with our production status, because the system seamlessly combines both planning and monitoring together, we can instantly see if we are behind or ahead of schedule, and have time to make adjustments as necessary. The fact that all of our injection moulding machines, as well as downstream equipment such as printers and welders are tied into the system, makes tracking a particular job much easier.

The real proof of the success of the installation can be seen in the measurable efficiency of our business. Our turnover has remained steady, but in just three months we have been able to drop from 18 to 15 shifts per week.”

Simon Anderson, LVS