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Karl Edwin and John Hardwick, as founders of intouch have between them a wealth of experience within the manufacturing industry with involvement in production management, logistics and software.

John’s involvement in particular with production monitoring and the various systems in use within the industry led to the development of an easy to operate and understandable monitoring package that can be as flexible in its capability as a customer wants it to be. In other words, it has the capacity to be customised to suit the requirements of individual customers.

In the early days, research with potential customers indicated that existing systems were usually expensive and too complicated. More often than not they were difficult for operators to understand and use and functions were included that were superfluous and clouded reporting processes. Additionally, there was very apparent user frustration by the lack of flexibility within these packages and the distinctly poor level of support by suppliers and distributors.

As a consequence of these findings, the major objective was to develop a production monitoring package that while easy to use and modestly priced would provide all the benefits of the much higher priced systems. But there was to be a further benefit - one of flexibility. Companies wanted a different approach, one that met their needs, not that of the supplier.

Consequently, the individual requirements of potential customers have always been a key objective setting intouch aside from other developers and their “take it or leave it” attitude.

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"There is direct access to intouch personnel whose background has been four square within the industry and who provide an exceptional degree of support and personal contact."

John Hardwick, Director

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Since operations commenced in 1997, intouch has remained totally focused on the development, supply and support of software systems for production monitoring.

A cornerstone of their success is the dedication to service by continually working in partnership with customers to develop and enhance the system’s capacity to meet each customer’s monitoring requirements.