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improved performance, increased profits

providing accurate, real time production information throughout your business

solve your production headaches!

If you want control of your operation, you need to know what's happening. Everyone in your team needs to know what's going on.

The intouch production monitoring system delivers the right information directly to whoever needs it, wherever they may be.

It is a modular monitoring, scheduling and reporting system for the manufacturing industries.

  • Improved utilisation
  • Reduced overheads
  • Reduced scrap
  • Improved efficiencies

The benefits to your business:

  • Easy to use - designed to be understandable and easy to use, your staff can be trained in minutes, ensuring fast results
  • Affordable - intouch is an affordable production monitoring solution that can be tailored to any size of business
  • Flexible - above all, we think of intouch as your system, not ours. Each installation is tailored to suit your requirements.

Take control of your factory, don't let your factory take control of you!

Be informed, gain insight

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"The system has made an incredible difference to our productivity and overall efficiency. In fact since it was installed we have been able to go from a seven days a week operation to five days, yet still produce the same number of parts." Read more ...

Dave White, TP Moulding


image of production line monitor

Better live scheduling improves communication enabling early preparation for changeovers, thus reducing downtime.
High visibility of production status throughout operation leads to faster reaction to stoppages, also reducing down time.
Analysis of trends in machine downtime highlights problem areas providing a focus for efforts in improving utilisation.
High visibility of shop floor status motivates production staff to be seen to be ‘doing a good job’ encouraging them to keep machines operational.

The intouch easy to use scheduling facility and high visibility of order status greatly simplifies production planning and progress chasing making these functions more effective and less time consuming. Typically, the planning resource required is 50% of that required for traditional paper based systems.
Automatic data collection eliminates the need for manual data collection and analysis for report production.

Improved scheduling reduces changeover scrap.
Accurate data quantifies scrap problems highlighting concern areas. Trends can be detected early on so that corrective action can be taken.
Analysis of production data identifies problem machines and tools. Accurate data quantifies problems enabling informed decisions to be made to streamline your production operation.
Automatically collected production data is more accurate than manually collected data which is prone to human error.