• systems to improve efficiency and productivity
    intouch monitoring
    Systems to improve efficiency and productivity
    Easy to use
    systems to improve efficiency and productivity
  • gain insight with real time production monitoring
    gain insight
    with real-time production monitoring
    be informed
    stay incontrol
    deliver intime
    gain insight with real time production monitoring
  • exceptional support and dedicated personal contact
    exceptional support
    dedicated and personal contact
    systems designed to be understandable
    training in minutes - fast results
    on-going support for as long as you need
    exceptional support and dedicated personal contact

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production line

monitoring, reporting & scheduling

If one of your machines were to stop right now, you would want to know about it. If you know it has stopped, you can do something about it. Intouch is able to monitor production in real time and help deliver constantly high performance. Our simple to operate systems help our customers achieve fast results.

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production system

reliable hardware and software

We provide the software and hardware tailored to your specific requirements. Each Intouch production monitoring system includes 12 months' support and warranty (with additional contracts available in subsequent years). We are dedicated to providing an exceptional degree of support and personal contact.

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at a glance...

See what we do and how it can help your company - call us on 01604 537100 to find out more.

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latest testimonial

OnePlastics Group, a leading manufacturer of plastics components, implemented Intouch Monitoring 7 years ago on over 30 production machines in its manufacturing plant in Tamworth. As a direct result it has “without question increased our profitability”  and one of their blue chip customers quoted “The (Intouch) system gives you the point of difference compared to other suppliers.(Read more....)

product news

NEW Intouch i4 Cloud

At Intouch, we believe that all manufacturers should have the tools to make the best production decisions. Intouch has spent more than 20 years ensuring that our system gives users the visibility and control to easily make decisions which consistently lead to significant improvements in OEE and profitability. We have now made it even easier to get up and running and with very little capital expenditure by introducing Intouch i4 Cloud.

Our new subscription-based i4 system provides the most common functionality of our conventional system but can be accessible immediately via the internet  and easily scalable according to requirements. Support, updates and  backups will be managed by Intouch,  leaving you to concentrate on your  core manufacturing business. 

Manufacturing Execution System Business Intelligence (MESi) 

Intouch Monitoring becomes even smarter – delve deep into reports and make sense of your data with our new fully customisable, agile and flexible manufacturing business intelligence software. Designed to be intuitively used; analytical dash-boards and reports are easily built allowing users to better interpret problems, answer questions, uncover opportunities and make optimal business decisions.



#intouchi4cloud to be showcased at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Stand P160

Join us at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics annual industrial exhibition, the must-attend event for anyone involved in production, engineering and procurement.

Intouch will be showcasing our scalable, immediately accessible subscription based Intouch i4 Cloud production and processing monitoring system that starts saving you money and clarifying your production from the first day of implementation. 

Harness the power of industry 4.0 to

  •  Improve OEE
  •  Improve Throughput
  •  Decrease Downtime
  •  Increase Profit
  •  Reduce Energy Consumption
  •  Improve quality

‘Since implementing the Intouch i4 Cloud, Monday morning start up times have improved by 1 hour across all machines, cycle times have improved by 5-8%, uptime has been significantly improved and the real-time data has prompted us to buy a new machine and instantly we saw an increase of 30% in efficiency and cycle times and a reduction in power consumption too.’ Plastics Parts Direct






Do you know what a 1%, 5% or 30% improvement in OEE could mean to your manufacturing plant?

Using a quick and simple calculator, find out how much you could save with just a small improvement in OEE.

industry 4.0 and profitable manufacturing

In manufacturing, profit is reliant on how efficient the shop floor is. Manufacturing Execution Systems give manufacturers the tools to easily make Continuous improvement decisions (Read more...)

intouch sells you as a supplier 

Ontime delivery and quality assurance are just some of the benefits (Read more...)

  • "The intouch system has been a major part to our success in 2014 and I'd certainly recommend it ..."
  • "The system has made an incredible difference to our productivity and overall efficiency ..."