• systems to improve efficiency and productivity
    intouch monitoring
    Systems to improve efficiency and productivity
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    systems to improve efficiency and productivity
  • gain insight with real time production monitoring
    gain insight
    with real-time production monitoring
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    gain insight with real time production monitoring
  • exceptional support and dedicated personal contact
    exceptional support
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    exceptional support and dedicated personal contact

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production line

monitoring, reporting & scheduling

If one of your machines were to stop right now, you would want to know about it. If you know it has stopped, you can do something about it. Intouch is able to monitor production in real time and help deliver constantly high performance. Our simple to operate systems help our customers achieve fast results.

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production system

reliable hardware and software

We provide the software and hardware tailored to your specific requirements. Each Intouch production monitoring system includes 12 months' support and warranty (with additional contracts available in subsequent years). We are dedicated to providing an exceptional degree of support and personal contact.

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at a glance...

See what we do and how it can help your company - call us on 01604 537100 to find out more.

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latest testimonial

OnePlastics Group, a leading manufacturer of plastics components, implemented Intouch Monitoring 7 years ago on over 30 production machines in its manufacturing plant in Tamworth. As a direct result it has “without question increased our profitability”  and one of their blue chip customers quoted “The (Intouch) system gives you the point of difference compared to other suppliers.(Read more....)

talisman plastics switches to 24/7 operation to meet increased demand for medical products due to COVID-19 using intouch i4 cloud

Talisman Plastics, a state-of-the-art manufacturer with nearly 100 years of experience of producing injection moulded products for a wide variety of sectors including aerospace, medical, automotive, electronics and white goods implemented the Intouch i4 Cloud in 2019 in all its 27 machines, two of which produce key NHS medical equipment.

Talisman’s ethos is “doing the right thing for the customers” and in order to ensure that they meet the increased demand for medical equipment due to COVID-19, they have switched their medical equipment machines to 24/7 operation. The Intouch i4 Cloud allows them to leave the machines completely unmanned during the 48 hours of the weekend, increasing production whilst keeping their staff safe.

Using the Intouch i4 Cloud, Talisman staff can remotely access the following with their phones (or on other devices such as laptops and tablets) :


  • Mimic displays which shows real-time machine status and the shift profile
  • Clicking on the virtual machines gives them more detailed information of the machine
  • Downtime alerts were created (in the form of emails sent to designated users)


Following their first unmanned weekend, Talisman Production Manager, Ewelina Skalska said:

‘We have found it extremely useful and it helped us to reduce downtime to a minimum – The downtime reports listing the reasons for downtime, the shift profile – how many times machine stopped within the shift and why! And of course, recently the mobile phone option, where we can remotely monitor machines downtime. Email alerts letting us know when machines have been stopped for longer than 30 minutes is a massive improvement and it helped us to improve BT Cells (NHS) machines efficiency from approx.. 75% to over 95% !!’




Following Government advice regarding COVID-19 precautions, the Intouch team are working remotely for the moment. We remain committed to providing the same high level of service whilst ensuring the safety and well-being of our staff and customers and keeping disruption to a minimum.

For any Customers needing to remotely control and manage their manufacturing operations/processes, all the Intouch modules can be made available to view and control on any device (on site and remotely) with different user-defined permission levels. All the production data is accessible and view-able in real-time, the "drag and drop" Gantt scheduling charts can be viewed and controlled remotely and the MESi (Manufacturing Execution System Intelligence) reports are fully configurable and accessible from any device.

Several exhibitions and events that we had planned have been postponed but we are available to discuss your requirements and the Intouch system can be easily demonstrated online.

The Intouch i4 Cloud solution is a very cost-effective monthly subscription system that can be accessible immediately via the internet and has an instant ROI, is easily scale-able according to requirements with support, updates and backups managed (remotely) by us, making the system just about ‘plug and play’.






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  • "The intouch system has been a major part to our success in 2014 and I'd certainly recommend it ..."
  • "The system has made an incredible difference to our productivity and overall efficiency ..."